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    My name is Obembe Sunday Dapo. I am a Nurse, blogger, writer and web designer. This page contains information on how to hire SirPhren.

    I have taken and am still taking courses on SEO, Blog and Web Design and the likes. Be rest assured to get the best services you require from me.

    I currently run 2 blogs personally and couple of others am paid to manage. The intriquing part is, they  are all doing doing well.

    Below are  the services I render and how you can hire sirphren.

    You Can Hire Me To;
    √ Design a blog for you: If you have interest in blogging but don't know how to set it up, worry no more. I can make a blog like this for you on either blogspot or WordPress at a cheaper rate including a custom domain. I can design a self hosted WordPress blog for you. I recently wrote a book on Blogging Made Easy For Beginners On Blogspot aynd WordPress to further help people who want to start it on their own.

    √ Design A Website For You: As a CEO of an organization or a businessman/woman, you need to have an online presence. When you have a website for your business, you are a step further than your competitors who have not and besides, people's trust are deeper.

    √ Teach You How To Create/Manage Your Blog: If you prefer to learn how to create blog yourself, I can give you a 5-days tutorial on it be it WordPress or Blogspot platforms.

    √ Manage your blog/website for you: If you are the busy type and you need your website to be up to date.

    √ Sell Theme and Templates/Set Them For You
    I know how expensive it is to purchase a new theme or template for your blog. Your blog needs a responsive template to run on. Check some of the templates I have for sale.

    √ Advertise Your Products And Services For You
    Should you need a maximum publicity for your product, I can successfully do that for you.

    For more enquiries, contact me on sirphren@gmail.com or chat me up on WhatsApp or call me right away on +2349027926138


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