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    About MultiLoaded Empire

    MultiLoaded Empire is a blog created by SirPhren out of the passion to share his knowledge about blogging, website tips & tricks and how to make money online with people as many as possible and as long as this EMPIRE can. 

    The mistakes I made in the past turned me into a blogger that doesn't only write but also help fellow bloggers, about-to-be bloggers and keep them motivated to keep forging ahead.

    Why The Name MultiLoaded Empire?

    I came up with the name when I thought of building an empire for myself on the internet that can serve people in various areas, hence multiloaded empire.

    What Are The Topics Covered In MultiLoaded Empire?

    The topics covered in this Empire are: Blogging tips, Make money online(Nigeria), Tutorial, theme and template review, web services and blogging advice.

    Vision Of MultiLoaded Empire

    - To keep bloggers, website owners and about-to-be bloggers motivated to give their blogs the best they have got

    - To share with others what I learn as afar as internet is concerned

    - To teach/help newbies on how to choose topics, niches, manage blogs and have a responsive blog designs.

    - To offer web services such as web/blog design, redesign, Tutorial and consultation, domain registration and integration etc.

    Mission Of MultiLoaded Empire

    To achieve the aforementioned visions and other things to be added in the future.

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