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    Saturday, August 11, 2018

    How to centralize post title, header and gadgets title in blogspot
    Hello Lovely! How is life over there?
    If you are blogging on blogspot, otherwise known as Blogger, you must have noticed that your post title, header logo and gadgets title are on the left side. Did you? Good!

    In this post, I will share with you how you can centralize your post title, header and gadgets title using CSS styling codes. You can also check out how to style links in your blog posts using CSS codes.

    What is CSS Code?

    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a string of codes used in giving more functionality to website's look/appearance. It is used to beautify HTML codes. It is opened by curly bracket ({) and closed by curly bracket (}).

    How To Insert The Codes In Your Blog Template

    To insert these CSS codes in your blog template, follow the steps below;

    OPTION 1

    Step #1. Login to your blog dashboard and click on theme/template right away!

    Step #2. Click on Customize and it will open a pop-up window to visualize your theme designer. In the list of links, click on Advance as shown in the diagram below.

    How to centralize post title, header and gadgets title in blogspot

    Step #3. After clicking on Advance, you will see a space to add the CSS codes. After adding it, click on Apply to blog. View your blog to check if it works. Boom!

    OPTION 2.

    You can also add these codes to your template via the HTML edit. 

    ° Login to your blog dashboard and click on theme/template.

    ° Then click on Edit HTML

    ° When your HTML codes open, press Ctrl+F and search for </head>

    ° Add these codes above the tag </head>. Make sure you open it with <style> and close by </style> tags. And save. Boom!

    How To Centralize Blog Header

    To apply this codes, you can use either of the options above. Add it above </head> 


    How To Centralize Gadgets Title

    Apply this code using any of the options above.

    How To Centralize Post Title

    Use this code;


    NOTE: To add all of these codes, just open(start) them with <style>, put the codes in between, and close(end) with </style>

    Bonus Tip: To centralize your AdSense ads, use this;
    <center> ADSENSE CODE HERE </center>
    It works fine. As you can see in this blog.

    Click HERE to see the demo in a blog under construction.


    This tutorial is short and simple. With these codes, you centralize post title, header and gadgets title. If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of blogspot, download my eBook here for free.

    Was this tutorial helpful? Let me know if it works for you in the comment. Subscribe to my newsletter and share with friends.



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