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    Tuesday, July 24, 2018

    Namecheap affiliate domain search widget
    Namecheap recently released another way in which their affiliates can increase their earning by creating Namecheap Domain Search Widget which can be embedded on your web pages.
    Affiliates can now add a domain search box to their pages that will help referrals find their perfect domains at Namecheap. You can customize the widget's size and colors to fit your website. - Namecheap.

    How Do You Get Paid?

    Whenever your blog visitors buy the domain they search, you earn your affiliate commission.

    What Are The Steps To Activate The Widget Code?

    To use the Namecheap Domain search widget on your blog, you must have registered for their affiliate program and approved.

    The requirement is just your affiliate ID (login to your affiliate dashboard to get it).

    1). Click on this link to go to the widget page. When you log on to this page, move to step two.

    2). Choose the type of affiliate program you run and type your affiliate ID to the space where it is required.

        Namecheap affiliate domain search widget
    3). After completing step 2, click on get code. Below it, you will see the code dimensions, and color. Responsive Widget is recommended.
         Namecheap affiliate domain search widget4). After step three, scroll down a bit, you will see the code, copy and go ahead to paste on your blog. Boom!

    Are you able to do it? Let me know in the comment box


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